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We Interrupt Your Program....

Fellow polymer clay artists, you know the problem:  you try to buy the softest clay you can find (yes, we all squeeze the packages in the store), and hope that it will be easy to condition by hand.  Because I am using large quantities to create my 6"x6" tiles, I purchase my favorite Sculpey Firm in one pound boxes online (much cheaper than in stores, even with shipping added).  The boxes contain extruded strips of clay which are usually quite hard.  Having to manually soften and knead them into workable flat shapes to put through my electric pasta machine was very labor intensive and often painful to my already painful shoulder (bone spur=ouch!).  After hearing me complain and talk about the pain one too many times, Stan went online to search for a solution.  And he found a great one:

The "NEVERknead" (NK) is a machine which takes the shoulder, arm, and hand work out of kneading all types of polymer clay.  It was invented by a woman who had the same issues when att…

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