Tribal Pods

What do I get when I mix doodling with the very cool Strathmore Toned Gray greeting cards? 
My new, Tribal Pods card line! 
Like many artists, I've always drawn "aimlessly" while talking on the phone, or listening to music, or in class, and sometimes, that drawing is not aimless at all.  In the past, I've used this as a way to work out design problems, and to test out new motifs for my "Inspiration:  Wax-Print Fabric"work.  Recently, while waiting for a customer service representative on the telephone (and you know how long that can take!), I began drawing on a circle template I'd cut from a piece of card stock.  The wait was long enough for me to complete it, add color and details (and yes, I finally did get to speak to someone who was able to help me), and when I looked at it, I realized it had interesting design possibilities. 

the first "doodle"
I created my first card on the Strathmore Toned Gray paper, using Sharpie ultra fine and fine markers and colored pencils for detail.  And, because of course the card had to have its own special envelope, I did a variation of the design on the front side.  That was the beginning; I've done several sets of cards and envelopes, and created a large envelope to hold them, and given them the name:  Tribal Pods. 

When I posted my first set of four cards on Facebook, the response was great, and I got an order (thanks, Sharon)!  So, I'm planning to produce more and debut them at my first show of the season, the Columbia Festival of the Arts in June. 

Tribal Pod card set:  4 cards, 4 envelopes