Show Report: Festival for the Eno 2014

We've definitely lucked out in the excellent weather category for shows this year.  Last weekend's temperatures in the mid-80s and low humidity were a joy.  Typically, the weather at Eno is a challenge, with high temperatures, and sometimes even higher humidity, making it an ordeal to sit through for us, and a not very pleasant experience for the customers. Not so, this year, our 10th at Eno.

I chose to display my most recent work; the Talisman and Adornment Series wall hangings.  Below you'll see my booth, and the Inspiration: Wax-Print Cloth bamboo bowls featured on one panel. 

Festival for the Eno 2014 display
As usual, comments were positive, and as I've often said, I'd love to have a dollar for every time someone utters some variation on "Ohhh, I LOVE your colors!" This was not a big art-buying crowd; most were there to hear the music, eat the festival food (yes, the ubiquitous turkey leg was popular as always), and buy little trinkets.

However, I did gain some new collectors, and several pieces have now found new homes.

To end the show, we had two "firsts" as we were packing up to leave:  1.  A new collector came by to purchase another piece which she'd had her eye on the first day.  Since it was already packed up, I had to pull it out of its packaging, whip out my Square, and make the sale.  Thanks, Phyllis!
2.  While I was making this final transaction, Stan was breaking down the tent.  He stepped outside the walls to loosen a bolt on the tent bars, and when he went inside again about a minute later, he found a woman sitting on the grass in the center of the paneled area, breastfeeding her baby!   We thought we'd seen/heard it all before. Perhaps now?  But no, after I posted this incident on an art fair Facebook page, I read an even wilder tale of an artist's tent which had been used for a clandestine tryst (after hours, thankfully).  I think that trumps our story!

Looking forward to a bit of downtime before the African American Cultural Festival at the end of next month.  I'll be doing a custom order generated from Eno, and a few new pieces, too.  Photos to come....
The Inspiration:  Wax-Print Cloth panel


Penny A said…
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Penny A said…
BRAVA! Big high fives from HoCo :) So happy it was a good show for you. Always nice to add a new story to the mix *hee, hee!*
Also: LOVE the new blog header!