Update: The Adornment Series

As we were photographing my newest work last weekend, I realized I hadn't displayed the finished piece from my March 18th work in progress post.  I'm really pleased with the way it turned out, and it has inspired other pieces, which is always very satisfying.  I'm calling this series of wall hangings The Adornment Series, since it's inspired by textile, jewelry, and ceremonial cloth designs of Africa.

As you can see, the painted symbols in the center panel are similar to the ones in Adinkra 3, in my previous post (sorry for the out of order posting!); this was the inspiration which carried through to a number of new pieces (love when that happens).  I'm happy I decided to hand paint each symbol; while it was a great deal of work, it allowed me the flexibility to decide which symbol looked best in each square, and I could adjust its design accordingly.  Carving or cutting stamps would have worked too, but I wouldn't have had the same flexibility.

Next up:  the largest stamp I've ever designed, and how I used it on another of The Adornment Series wall hangings.  Stay tuned.

Adornment 2
Block Print