Work in Progress: African textile inspired wall hanging #5

This time, I'll show you where I am right now; I haven't completed the latest in the series.  Here's the inspiration fabric, which I believe is block printed.  My first decision was about how many squares I'd use (I settled on 24, on a 20" x 24" MDF substrate), then whether I'd create foam stamps for each square, or freehand paint them (I decided to paint).  Once those choices had been made, I set out on the adventure of making this inspiration design my own.  I wanted to approximate the golden background color, so used Daler Rowney's FW acrylic ink; sweeping in across the gessoed surface with a sponge.  For the black figures, I used a brush and Payne's Gray ink.  And, to mimic the stitched together fabric squares, I outlined them in tan ink (which you'll see in a later photo). 

And here's my version.  You'll note similarities, but I've also added a number of Adinkra symbols.  Next up will be the thin color bands on both sides, then the side panels and clay elements.  'Not exactly sure where I'll end up with those, so as I always say:  stay tuned!