Paper Plates, Deadline Dates and Other News

Paper Plates: This week one of the new kids' art classes at the Sertoma Art Center.  We've been making paper plate ducks, and geese, clay animals and Matisse-inspired cut paper collages...such is the life of an art teacher (you'd be amazed what you can create with a simple paper plate)!  Next week, it'll be magic marker  monsters, 'smush' paintings, and Aboriginal dot art.  My students are from 18-months to 13 years old, and I have great fun coming up with books for the little ones which will inspire our art projects, and exposing the older ones to the work of famous artists.  I've been teaching at Sertoma for a year now, and have doubled the classes I teach, including one I designed myself:  Spotlight on Famous Artists, for kids between 7 and 13 years old. 
Deadline Dates:  Dates for submission of applications for upcoming shows are quickly approaching.  I've submitted a piece for consideration by the jury for the North Carolina Museum of Art's Art of the Auction again this year.  I decided to donate a bamboo wall hanging this year, since I gave an ancestress shadow box last year.  I'm hopeful it will be accepted; I'm going to love seeing in on a wall in the Museum!  Acceptance notifications will be sent in about 3 weeks. Fingers crossed.
Also on my agenda:  applying to Festival for the Eno. Because the tradition is to hold the show on July 4th (which they've done for 32 years),  this is the "weird" schedule year; the show will be held on Wednesday, July 4, Saturday July 7, and Sunday, July 8.  Yes, that's right.  We'll set up on Tuesday, do day one of the show on Wednesday, leave everything set up for two days, and return on the weekend to do the weekend days.  The last time this was the schedule, sales were way down from previous years.  We're hoping this won't be the case this summer.  Fingers crossed again.

And, in other news, I'll soon have an announcement about what very cool, kids' art-related things I'll be doing next month.  Hint:  it's local, fun, and there'll be Gelli Arts Printing Plates involved!