Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

"Busara, Ancestress of Wisdom"
©Michelle Davis Petelinz
Kindred Spirit Studios
Between my classes for Raleigh Parks & Recreation and Abrakadoodle, I've been pretty busy.  But earlier this month, I did take the time to enter one of my Ancestress Series shadow boxes for consideration by the jury of the North Carolina Museum of Art's "Art of the Auction" event. 

As I would have blogged about it then (but had no time to!), I was hesitant at first to enter any of my work, thinking they'd be looking more for so-called fine art, especially works on canvas.  But, when I reread the call to artists to donate work, it was clear they were open to more, including mixed media (yay!), jewelry and pottery.  Next, I had to decide among the Ancestresses.  We artists are usually our own worst critics, and this time was no exception for me.  I found something to reject in each shadow box I considered, trying to second-guess the jury.  Of course, I know this is a futile task, but I did it anyway.  After about a week, I settled upon Busara.  My reason was that people have described her face as solemn, haunting, and like a death mask (though that was not my intention in creating her), which meant that it affected people--a good thing for a jury to consider, I thought.  Stan took a great photo of her, I spruced up my Artist Statement and Biography (thank you, Alyson Stanfield, and "I'd Rather be in the Studio!"), and with a deep breath full of hope, I pressed 'send'.  Then, Iwaited.  Luckily, the wait wasn't too long. 

Logo for North Carolina
Museum of Art  benefit
'Art of the Auction'
Last night, I received a congratulatory email, saying the jury had selected Busara for inclusion in the auction.  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  I'm so excited.
I will deliver her to the Museum this weekend.  So what's the lesson here?  To quote the NY State Lotto slogan:  'Hey, you never know.'
If I'd listened to my doubts and criticisms, I wouldn't have even entered.  Because I pushed through those and put myself and my work 'out there,' this very cool opportunity to see my work on a Museum wall has happened. 

The Auction Preview is scheduled for Friday, May 6th, kicking off a two-week celebration of the Auction artists and art.  With all proceeds going to support Museum education and exhibition programming, Art of the Auction, a Benefit for the North Carolina Museum of Art Foundation will be on Saturday, May 21.
I can't wait!


Yay, Michelle! I am so proud of you, both as an artist and as my friend. You ROCK!