Nameless But Not Faceless....

New Work
These are the first three large bamboo bowl (18" diameter) masks in what will be a multi-piece series.  Inspired by fused glass work I've been seeing lately, and actual African masks, they are my take on contemporary Afrocentric design.  Each mask will have the same facial features, to tie the series together.  And, each contains mixed media elements including:  wood, polymer, acrylic paint, metallic inks, PearlEx powders, cowrie shells and my own hand carved stamps. 

Here are some quick shots of them (our photo setup is still packed away, due to our tornado renovations which finally ended late last month). 

I'm in search of titles for each. 

I'm thinking they are yet another part of my Ancestress Series  shadow box masks, but do these feel feminine or masculine to you? 
Please weigh in on comments, and thanks as always for joining me along this creative journey.


pupton said…
Michelle! I love these bowls! Just lovely! I get the feeling of feminine from all but the last one, which is kind of androgynous. Great idea! and I love the textures!
Michelle said…
Thanks, Pat. I think I agree about the masculine/feminine/androgynous assessment! They're fun to do, and I've got lots of ideas for more, which is great. Thanks for stopping by.