New Work

As promised, here are some quick photos of new pieces I've been working on this month.

The first will be called Asatira, Ancestress of Legends. Her fabric braids are bound with a mokume gane beads and a large piece at the top. Her background is a piece of fabric I found on a search in a remnant bin, and the frame of the shadow box is a color copy of that same fabric, decoupaged to the wood. The colors, textures and patterns feel just right--they're fully 'resolved', as a dear friend says when critiquing work in progress. I'm happy with the result; she reminds me of both African and Native American faces I've seen, hence her name, which evokes both cultures.

The mask wall hanging is Munira, Ancestress of Radiance. Unfortunately, it's hard to see ithe metallic gold markings on her face in this quick photo. Once I have better shots of her, I will post them, but wanted to share what I have now. Her headpiece is polymer clay tubes alternated with textured strips which have been dusted with copper powder. The mask rests on a tie-dyed fabric panel, atop a wood base which has been embossed with a gold stamped pattern. Again, I'm feeling she's resolved/finished. As I tell my drawing class students, part of an artist's job is to know when a piece is finished, and not to succumb to the temptation to add 'just one more thing'!

I'm still resolving the first mask upon which I used mokume gane pieces for the helmet. As you may remember, she's been through quite a bit, having had her first face crack dramatically. I have the face, helmet and crown completed, the background is done, but the frame of the shadow box is what's causing me problems. Nothing seems quite right yet. I'm planning to take her to my Art Salon meeting on Friday--it's always helpful to have some fresh eyes and perspectives when at a roadblock--'can't wait to hear the comments and suggestions.


Lucy said…
You're work is wonderful, Michelle!! I'm honored to have held it my hands during our meeting this month! Where do you teach drawing??

As far as the frame goes, perhaps bring out more of the copper on from the crown in some sort of embellishment?? It looks terrific to me as is, but only you know when it's truly 'resolved'! ((love that term btw)
DivaDea said…
Wow, the masks are lovely.
Thanks for the compliment, Lucy! I teach drawing to young students as part of an afterschool program here in Raleigh. It's great fun.
The frame I'm wrestling with is one I haven't shown yet...resolution to come soon, I hope!
Thanks for stopping by.
TammyVitale said…
you have a salon? lucky you. The masks are wonderful. And your bird list - where do you live that you have a hummingbird at your feeder this time of year? ours leave in early fall. They are so pretty - and so funny when they fuss. Even funnier when they have a standoff over the feeder with a hornet - they're the same size!
Carole said…
I love the work. Your faces are so strong and feminine.
I also belong to a 'salon' critique group and it's great!