Recent Post Updates

Here are some updates on recent posts:

Art-A-Thon to benefit Oxfam America's Haitian relief was a blast!  Stan and I each created a piece which was raffled off (thanks to Dawn and Jeanne, two fellow Guild members who bought chances and won our work).  The proceeds will go to a great cause, and we had fun painting and watching our fellow artists work.  Here we are, getting right down to business (Stan's painting so quickly, his arm's a blur!) and our finished pieces.

Creative Assignments between Marley and me are going well from my end, despite the fact that I haven't done anything remotely like her assignment to me!  Our conversation about being in a creative funk did energize me though, and I was able to crawl out of the rut of not knowing which way to turn for inspiration for my new work for this show season.   Marley and I are scheduled to have lunch this Friday, and I hope we'll be able to share our experiences over this last month, and talk about how we got through the creative malaise (which I hope she has, too!).

Kindred Connections has been sold!  My Facebook friend Theresa, who I met through another friend I used to work with in my Boston textbook publishing design life, has bought it.  She said it really speaks to her, which is wonderful (I always love when that happens), especially since she's only seen it online.  Theresa collects mirrors, and is a fantastic artist herself.  I love how she describes her work on her site:  "(her) work involves the use of colors and patterns in order to bring forth an idea that lies at the center of her creations. Her subject matter reflects her interpretation of the African-American creative and social experience. The subjects range from personal vision and social commentary to mythology and folktales which represents the spirit of humanity. Experiences are expressed in fabric, with paints, or in an assemblages."  Her Facebook group page, Studio One Artworks is here.  Or, check out her website, here.  Thanks, Theresa.  I hope you'll love Kindred Connections even more when you see it 'in person'!

And, I'm continuing to work on the quilt-inspired mirrors, and they're going well.  Photos to come.

Have a creative Tuesday.