More New Work, and a First!

First things first: I just received my first check from a sale at Circa Gallery today! Given these tough economic times especially here in North Carolina, it gives me hope that people still appreciate and will spend money on handmade art. As I head into my show season, with my first one next month, I am hopeful about prospects for sales.
In my original post in October about consigning work at Circa, I was hopeful the experience would be unlike the two disasters I'd had with other galleries. Thanks for your work on my behalf, Mandy and Amy, I truly appreciate it!

Now, on to new work. I've done another bamboo bowl wall hanging in the Sinuous Rhythms series. This time, I worked with purples, reds, and the gradations between metallic light gold and metallic copper. This one has the same polymer clay spirals as the second in the series. I'm happy with the results, and am anxious to see how they'll be received at shows. My plan is to hang them together as a set. Who knows, maybe someone will see them and just have to have all of them to make a dramatic statement on a large wall!
Here are two more from the Retro Round clocks series. I enjoyed the more subdued palette of silver, pewter, white and black--sometimes a limited palette is a good thing. The pendulum clock was an experiment; I wasn't quite sure how a pendulum would work with the bowl. As you can see, I turned the bowl so the polymer clay face is on the bottom of the inside of the bowl, which was necessary because the clockworks for the pendulum wouldn't fit the other way. The color combination of teal, red and black reminds me of 1960 era accessories. I'm not loving the way the pendulum looks with the clock...what do you think? As I said, it's an experiment, so comments are very welcome.
Then, for my first 12" Swirls clock, I chose one of my favorite color combinations: teal blue, sienna, copper and ultramarine. And, though you can't see it in the photograph, the polymer clay face is a blue with a bit of a sparkle.
Next to be completed are some mini clocks. It's been a challenge to translate a design which works in a larger size to a smaller one. And, ever mindful of decor, I'm sometimes working outside my color comfort zone to create pieces which will be appealing (for those of you who know me well, you know this means I'm having to work in the dreaded color of green!).
All of this while keeping up with my friends, both old and new on Facebook, and listening to my newest favorite online thing: Pandora Radio; I just love being my own dj while I'm working in the studio!


Patti said…
These are absolutely gorgeous - love your work!
Michelle said…
Thanks for the compliment, Patti. And, thanks for stopping by.
Jeanne Rhea said…
These are all so beautiful! I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite. So happy to hear about the sale. Yes, these times are tough---but just maybe people are deciding to spend their money on quality and uniqueness instead of the ordinary. Congratulations on the sale!
Michelle said…
Thank you, Jeanne. I hope you're right about folks choosing to spend money to support artists instead of buying just the same old things.
These are very beautiful clocks Michelle! I especially love the swirl clock at the bottom. The colors and pattern is divine!
Michelle said…
Thanks so much, Cindy! 'Glad you like them, and thanks for stopping by.