"Chair-ity" Event Results

Last weekend I attended the gala reception and auction to benefit Raleigh's Habitat for Humanity, which I first blogged about here. It was great to finally get to see all of the chairs the artists had created; here are just a few of them. I was amazed by the creativity. Here's the wildest one, created with tulle, computer cables and plugs, and it lit up when sat upon--'hard to believe it was the same chair we all started with!

The auction itself was disappointing: many of the chairs were not sold, and none of them made the minimum bids established by the artists. Given the preceding week of financial gloom and doom, it wasn't surprising. My own chair was the object of some spirited bidding, and ultimately sold for about $90 less than I'd hoped. It was a fun evening for a good cause, and I got to hear some lovely comments about my work (and I got to pass out some business cards--who knows, maybe there'll be some commissions in my future!)