Goals Set and Met

I've met two of my three goals for this month, before the end of the month--yay. Here is one: the finished chair for the Habitat for Humanity 'Chair-ity' benefit, called "Going Green Just Got Elegant" here in Raleigh. I'm thinking of calling it 'The Earth's Abundance'. My inspiration was Korhogo cloth from the Ivory coast, as shown here. Here's the information I hope to have displayed with the chair:

"The Earth's Abundance Chair, designed by Michelle Davis Petelinz was inspired by the figures found in Korhogo cloth of the Ivory Coast. Each figure is symbolic: frog: longevity; tortoise: benevolent ancestor, one of the first living creatures on Earth; snake: Earth's abundance; fish: vitality; guinea fowl: inner beauty; tree: life."

What doesn't show very well in the photos is all of the metallic pen work in the river and on the riverbank. You can see it better on the sand under the guinea fowls' feet.

I do like how it turned out, and hope it will sell well at the auction in October. Between now and then, it will be displayed somewhere in Raleigh (details to come, after I've delivered the chair to the organizers later this week). I'll post photos of it wherever it lands.

I've also completed the wholesale order of six tri-mirrors. (they're shown here, without the mirrors, just after being polyurethaned) They'll be sent off at the end of the week, too. It was interesting getting back into the swing of doing them; I hadn't done one in about a year. The design still works well, and they do make a bold color statement, either alone or in a group. If I can stand to do more, I'll make some for Festival in the Park.

Which is what's coming next on my agenda; our last show of the season (barring some new event I don't yet know about!). I've finished addressing the postcard invitations to my mailing list for the September 19--21 event. They'll go out tomorrow. So, the third goal for this month is to begin work on new stock to be shown and sold in Charlotte. More on that as work progresses.
Have a wondrous Wednesday.


sarah said…
Hi Michelle, I love your work, found you thru the good blogs,
just want to say hi to a fellow artist! Keep artin'!

Michelle said…
Thanks, Sarah. And thanks for stopping by! I'll return the favor soon.