Thursday Thirteen #21: Uh Oh: NC Reactions to Ice and Snow

Being originally from Long Island, NY, and having lived in Boston, MA for over 20 years, I'm used to winter weather. That's more than I can say for the people here. So, these are 13 things I've observed in North Carolina when either a 'wintry mix' or actual ice and snow are predicted:

1. At the first mention of the words on the local weather report, panic sets in.

2. Each successive weather report is watched. Panic increases.

3. The weather report becomes the sole broadcast on all local stations. In the face of such wall-to-wall coverage, panic seems reasonable; even necessary.

4. When snow is actually sighted, kids rejoice. (This one added by my 14-year old son)

5. Even if no snow is actually sighted, schools either close, or go on 2-hour delay, causing further panic and chaos with parents' schedules.

6. Salt, sand, and chemical trucks go out to treat the main roads. Okay, this is a good reaction.

7. Spurred by the panicked thought of not being able to leave the house for days and days, people race to the supermarkets to buy up all the milk and bread in sight.

8. After the supermarket, they crowd into the home improvement warehouses and snatch up all the batteries, flashlights and gas generators in stock.

9. Instead of wisely deciding to stay home from work, people don't allow extra time, so traffic is more congested than normal.

10. Even in the midst of bad weather, drivers pay little notice--driving like they're at a NASCAR event, as usual.

11. And, as a result of never having learned ice and snow driving skills, they spin out, get stuck and/or have fender-benders.

12. Kids build snowmen, have snowball fights, slip, slide, and have great fun,

13. Unless, as is often the case, nothing actually comes of the prediction, and the weather has the last laugh (Mother Nature is an excellent comedienne!). Then, what does everyone DO with all that extra bread and milk?

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Lazy Daisy said…
I live in Virginia and we have the same scenario. Guess we will have to wait it out and see what actually happens.
Alasandra said…
Thanks for visiting my TT.

You are right about Mother Nature having the last laugh it seldome snows here, but it did once on APRIL 1st.
jenn said…
I moved from NY to SC when I was 22, and I am totally laughing at your descriptions! I still don't know why people need all the milk. If the power goes out, like it usually does around here, the milks gonna go bad anyway!

Happy tt!
Rhonda said…
You've got to be kidding! Hey, thx for visiting my blog :)
I know, Jenn! They have to hope it's cold enough to stick it outside! Thanks for the visit!
Sandy Carlson said…
Before we know it, a pill will be invented for this! Ha. Be strong for 'em down there.
Hootin' Anni said…
I grew up in Colorado where it's winter about 7-8 months a year...and then we retired to Arizona. The first year we were there it snowed in the mountains....and I truly 'headed for 'dem dare hills'!!!!

Ya, they panic in the south.

My T-13 is posted. Won't you join me?
Nicole Austin said…
LOL! We had snow flurries one year here in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and there was major panic. They even closed down the bridges to costal communities because nobody knew how to drive on icy roads.
Nicholas said…
Safe from snow here in Florida, I sat back and enjoyed your description of the panic there!
ellen b. said…
So true so true for out of the ordinary weather events anywhere!
Very well done. I could feel the panic. Yep, this sounds about right. Bwahahahah. Thanks for the laughs. Have a great TT. :)
Greatfullivin said…
I was stuck in a snowstorm in Altanta once...The south is just silly when it comes to snow. Respect is key. I live in Indiana where it snows a lot. Thanks for stopping by my TT.
Shesawriter said…
I can especially relate to number 2. It's the same in my area.

Happy TT!

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Gosh it's so like that here in Denver. Amazing how similar - and it's cold here a lot - like 7 months of the year! lol!

Happy TT
SJ Reidhead said…
You are forgetting to mention the abject panic as everyone rushes to the store and empties the shelves of bread and milk!

I grew up in SC. I know how crazy they are when they hear the "S" word.

the Pink Flamingo
Maria said…
That's hysterical! I live in Michigan, and we just kind of shrug when it snows. It's inconvenient when it starts getting up past 5 inches or so. But no one actually "panics." I don't think I've ever seen anyone panic over snow. Too funny!

Happy TT!!!

Candy said…
What DO they do with all the milk and bread? :o) Hahaha, this made me laugh!
Lori said…
Too funny, but oh, so true! Of course, most of that happened yesterday here in Charlotte. And this morning, the kids were indeed rejoicing, including my own, over both the snow (barely an inch, from the looks of things) and the closed schools (smile).
Bloggers said…
Great list of 13. I have lived in Upper michigan and Dallas Texas so I know both extremes.
Holly said…
I can SO relate to this post! I am from NH originally. I later lived in NC for three years. I had a boyfriend with a teenaged son. One day he came home from school really early and I asked him why. He said, "oh it's cause of the snowstorm". I looked out the window and it was BARELY having an occasional snowflake! Yet, a couple of snowflakes would STOP everything - everyone would RUN to the supermarkets, etc., etc. TOO funny.

Happy TT-13!


tasha said…
We have the same reactions in TN -- it's quite comical! Thanks for the laugh! Happy TT!
Library Lady said…
Yup, they do the same here in Northern Virginia, which I find hilarious since lots of the residents are transplants from much snowier regions.
We had about an inch of snow today, followed by rain that will no doubt wash it away by morning. The kids got out of school early and I got the pleasure of seeing snow--I'm a transplanted New York City girl who went to college in Albany. I LIKE snow!