Venturing Out of the Comfort Zone

'Spent the morning researching exhibition and show opportunities here in NC. What did we do before the Internet?! I've sent emails requesting prospectus information to a local charitable organization, which holds an art event in the spring--another possibility for getting my work "out there" (Sonji Hunt's words danced in front of my eyes as I wrote it!). This reaching out beyond my known venues is part of the focusing I need to do this year.

The other part is developing new techniques and new relationships. On the techniques side, I've been experimenting with mokume gane, which was originally used in Japan by metal artists. Polymer clay artists use it to beautiful effect, as seen here in this 'Metallic Sun' pendant designed by Artventuring featured artist Marcia Palmer.

My first effort at mokume gane is not ready to show, but I'm thinking it will become the helmet of a new Ancestress. The relationship between metal and polymer clay is interesting; if it works the way I envision it, the clay will appear to be metal. We'll see. Photos to come....

The new relationships part? Well, I'm considering joining a local Arts Council (more exhibition opportunities there, too!), and attending a meeting of a local mixed media artists guild. Reports on both to come, as well.

Small steps outside that cozy comfort zone, focused on the future of new opportunities. Stay tuned.


TammyVitale said…
I have made my best art contacts through a local art "guild" (club), not the local art association (which is a quasi-governmental non-profit). Of course success depends on the people in any organization. I'm a big fan of poking around until you find one that fits, and not staying in ones that don't fit, or (like I did when I realized the guild wasn't exactly friendly to 3D at the time) start your own group and see what happens. Good luck to you this year in your adventures!