I've Been Tagged: Random 8 Meme

Thanks to Featured Artist Marcia Palmer, you now get to learn 8 random facts about me. I'll be passing the tag along; it's an interesting way to get to "know" other bloggers. Rules are to list 8 random facts, tag fellow bloggers, and link to their sites so readers can find them, too.

8 Random Facts About Me:

1. I was born on Long Island, NY

2. I don't have the typical Long Island accent, except on certain words, like "coffee" and "talk"

3. I had scoliosis when I was 12; wore a back brace for 18 months, then had spinal fusion surgery at 14.

4. I was born left handed. My mother switched me at age 7. My son is left handed. I wouldn't dream of switching him.

5. I still paint with my left hand.

6. My favorite ice cream flavor is black raspberry.

7. Like my mother and grandmother, I love African violets.

8. Favorite cartoon: The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. (shown here celebrating my birthday, which is tomorrow!)

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tammy vitale said…
Oh! you tagged me! Thank you! (I think). I know I've posted this but don't know if you were around - My Mom died 30 years ago, and I still have her african violets and many babies, and a very large xmas cactus too, and azaleas that are offspring of azaleas that were in the first house my parents lived in...there's something magical about plants! Husband's birthday is tomorrow too! He's the best - so you must also be...Happy Birthday!
come clean said…
All right, let's here it for black raspberry ice-cream!! Not that I would complain about eating virtually any flavor of ice-cream, but that's besides the point ;)
Lori said…
I tried posting a response last night, but obviously flubbed it somehow (smile). So, let me try again . . .

First, thanks for the tag and all of the cool links. What a talented group of artists. I'm honored to be included amongst such creative folks! Some of them will surely end up in my growing file of favorites. As if I need yet another blog to read (smile) . . .

I found your own list incredibly interesting as well, especially #3. Yesterday afternoon we had our son examined (and X-rayed) for that very same condition. I'm hoping it's just me being an overly paranoid mother and not scoliosis. We won't get the results until Monday or Tuesday.

Also your #'s 4 & 5 jogged my memory. A couple of weeks ago, I was telling my husband about some of the advance art classes I took back in high school. I mentioned how a number of the folks in the class were lefties. I'm not a lefty, but I always wanted to be (smile).

I will try to post my own random list of 8 sometime today. Have a great birthday! Hope you eat plenty of black raspberry ice-cream.