Studio Experiments: Hand Made Paper

Experimentation in the studio continues.  I'm now working on some ideas to incorporate hand made paper elements into my MDF wall pieces.  Many years ago, I made flat sheets with recycled paper, but this time around, I need dimensional forms.  I found the product Claycrete at Jerry's Artarama, and gave it a try.  It's paper pulp infused with plaster, and when you add water and cover a form with it, the pulp takes on the shape.  I liked not having to do the steps of finding paper, tearing paper, and blending it with water and glue to form pulp, which I'd done previously.  Here are some shots of what I've done so far:

  Forms made with bowls from my kitchen. I made the ridges on the square one by pressing a metal rod into the wet pulp.  We'll see if it that was a good idea!

  This is a smaller version of the domed shape above, with a rim (which I don't like).  I've added Golden Fluid Acrylic colors, and textured polymer shapes.

  Here's the same dome with the polymer pieces painted with micaceous iron oxide and rubbed with mica powders.  I still don't like the rim, but it looks better in gray than in color, I think.  

  This is a dome without the rim, just out of the oven.  Another bonus:  I can bake the polymer pieces right on the paper.  Color to come on this one...stay tuned!