Hot Glue Stamp Experiments: part three

More stamps, more practice with the glue gun, and remembering not to overload the Gelli plate with paint have resulted in better prints.

I like how this sunburst stamp glows. 
And  this chunk of wood was from a board which originally measured 2" x 4" x 96"!  
These prints show stamps used singly and in combination.  The brown on white piece at the upper right is one where I painted the stamp, pressed it onto the Gelli plate, then printed the paper...will try that with pre-painted papers for an even more layered look.
Overall, I like the organic feel of these, and don't mind the unprinted areas.  Since I probably won't use whole sheets, they won't matter anyway.  
I've successfully used transparent Golden Fluid Acrylics in other aspects of my work, and love how they work here, too.
Tried using some craft paint on black paper (another favorite technique with the Gelli plate).

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