Teamwork, Triptychs, and Tribal Vines

My husband Stan and I make a great team:  he designs and builds my MDF substrates, offers creative suggestions while I'm in the process of working, photographs my finished work, and is the genius behind our show booth set ups.  We've collaborated again on another group of large, mixed media wall pieces; on another triptych to replace the one which was sold earlier this year (see below), and some smaller pieces which can be displayed as a series or separately.

"Tribal Triptych Two" combines polymer domes and tiles on MDF panels which have been textured with gesso and paper.  The center panel's inset detail is part of my new blog header, where you can see some of the detailed polymer work featured on the domes.  The color palette of this triptych is an unusual one for me, but I'm loving the juxtaposition of the various greens against the ultramarine/purple background!  "Tribal Triptych Two" will make its debut at the Columbia Festival of the Arts in Columbia, Maryland, June 16th --18th.  I was honored to be invited to be part of the select group of artists displaying and selling work at this festival, which is one of our favorites. 

"Tribal Triptych Two" ©2017 
Michelle Davis Petelinz

Hariton installation of "Tribal Triptych", center
"Sinuous Rhythm VI", left, and "Sinuous Rhythm Raku" right
included to show scale

I've also completed work on a series of smaller mixed media pieces, which I'm calling my "Tribal Vines" series.  These MDF panels are 6"x 24", and feature detailed polymer domes and manipulated paper.  They can be displayed as a series or singly, and two of them are part of my new blog header.

I'm enjoying this new direction my work is taking.  It's the result of combining some old and new ideas, and as always, working as part of our dynamic team is creatively invigorating!   


WOW! I love them ALL.
...had to chuckle, as I know someone who would have been nuts for the greens/purple/blue of the new triptych ;)
Hoping that all of this luscious new work results in a most triumphant return to Columbia for you,dear one!