Columbia Festival of the Arts, 2017: The Return

I am pleased to announce that I've been invited to return to one of our favorite outdoor art festivals:  The Columbia Festival of the Arts, in Columbia, MD.  This year's free art show will be held on Father's Day weekend, June 16-18, around lovely Lake Kittimaqundi.  We did not do the 2016 show, since the venue and management was changed, but we're happy to report that both have been restored.  Our booth is even featured on the website (you can see my hanging booth signs above the man with the yellow shirt)!

We truly enjoy doing this show, and I'm looking forward to presenting my newest work to my Columbia collectors.  I'm almost finished, but still creating, and I'm excited about a brand new series: my Kianga tiles.  Kianga is the Swahili word for sunshine, and I think it is an apt descriptor for the recurring theme in these 6"x6" mounted tiles.  Here's a sneak peek at one of them...the others are waiting for their close-ups this weekend, next door in the Kindred Spirit Studios photography area.

You can read more about the Columbia Festival of the Arts here
Back to the drawing table....more photos to come.