Workshop project: "I am"

Last night, I taught an art workshop during the NC Youth Leadership Forum (NCYLF), at NC State University.  The NCYLF is led by "a dedicated group of people of all ages and abilities, which seeks to promote independence, peer relations, and advocacy among today's generation."  Because of my work with Arts Access, making art accessible to people with disabilities, I was asked to provide a workshop which would enhance the delegates' experience by offering them an opportunity to express themselves creatively through art. 

I chose a project called "I am," which involves drawing, painting, writing, and a bit of doodling.  The drawing and painting came first (since maximum drying time was needed), and each person chose his or her color palette for sections they'd drawn on watercolor paper. Everyone's top section would contain the words "I am," and the bottom section would contain the artist's name.  In between, there were any number of sections (the most was 8!), which would contain one descriptive word or phrase. 

The young artists had a great time drawing ("Can my lines be really wavy?" Of course.), and an even better time painting. ("See, I mixed the colors!" Very cool.) Then, it was on to the writing.  I started them off by reading some index cards I'd prepared, and asking who was:  "confident" or "brave" or "musical" or "kind" or "successful," or "awesome," and I gave a card to the person who raised a hand for each attribute.  After my prepared cards ran out, I gave each participant blank ones, to write his or her own ideas.  Once everyone had words to fill each section, and their paintings were dry, they used Sharpies to write and doodle or embellish the words they'd chosen. 

Here are the finished projects.  Aren't they great?  The smiling, proud faces tell the story of a great time had by all (me included!). 
Thanks to Josh, Della, Daniel and the rest of the NCYLF staff for a fantastic evening.