Share the wonder

"I teach to share the wonder of my discoveries and to exchange with my students the wonder of theirs."  ~Michele Cooper

'Wish I had said that!  Teaching art gives me the opportunity to share what I love.  I am fortunate to be able to interact with a number of unique groups, and each allows me to learn and grow as a teacher.  In my work with very young children, I love watching them discover paint, color, and patterns; seeing them make connections for the first time.  In my classes with 3-to5-year olds, it's their wonder-filled expressions as they work with clay, markers, oil pastels and paints to create what they've heard about in the stories we read.  And with older children, I love watching them include things they already know about the world into the art they make. 

In my work with adults with disabilities, all of the experiences I've mentioned above occur as well.  I encourage everyone to participate without judgment, and meet them where they are in terms of their skills.  The pride with which my students show off their finished work is fantastic, and my hope is that they enjoy the brief time I get to spend with them creating something beautiful. 

Here are some images of recent classes, with my proud students and their work.  Enjoy!