New Year, New Work, Old Questions

Happy 2016!
In Januarys past, my task has been to view the year ahead and make decisions about applying to outdoor shows, indoor exhibits, and other ways to get my work "out there".  This year is no different, but I'm exploring new options and new venues.  The same questions remain:  Where are the people who "get" my work?  What's the best way to reach them?  and, How can I maximize my marketing efforts, create work, and sell it?  Artists often ask these questions of each other, and we often discover solutions for each other.  For me, this year will be about finding those answers.

Chombo Vessel:
Meanwhile, here's what I've been working on: the Chombo Vessel series. Years ago, when I was creating desk accessories and painted furniture, Stan suggested painting vases. Back then, I was working out of our small apartment bedroom, and he didn't have access to a workshop. After doing some research, we discovered a wood craftsman in Pennsylvania who created hand crafted vessels, and I commissioned him to create some square and triangular ones for me. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of these early, painted creations (they sold pretty well). Fast forward to October of last year: I explored creating polymer to resemble horn and bone, and needed something upon which to mount them. I brought out the wooden vessels from my storage area, gessoed them with tissue paper, painted them to resemble a raku firing, and mounted the polymer pieces. Thus the Chombo (Swahili for vessel) series was born.  Each carries a natural element in its name, and at first glance, appear to be ceramic. You can find them listed in my online Square Market store.  Enjoy!

Chombo Vessel:  Fire 
Chombo Vessel:  Ocean

Chombo Vessel:  Earth
Chombo Vessel:  Sahara
Private Collection