"A Celebration of Color"

My current show, on view at the Women's Health Information Center of the NC Women's Hospital at UNC (say that three times fast!), is entitled, "A Celebration of Color," and it features work from my Leaf Dance, Sinuous Rhythm, Adornment, and Sashay series.  The show runs only until November 30th, at the 101 Manning Street, Chapel Hill location.

I was honored to have been chosen to display my work here; though not a traditional gallery setting, my pieces bring color and vibrancy to the walls, and I hope the families who frequent the center will enjoy it. 


Kati said…
Your work is beautiful! But tell me how do you display in a public place and have them not disappear off the wall and leave with the patients or staff?
Michelle said…
Thank you, Kati! This display was in a small, enclosed area of the hospital. I think it would have been difficult for one of my pieces to disappear with staff monitoring the comings and goings of the women who frequent the office, but you're right: it's a risk we artists take when exhibiting our work. I actually had an even more open display at another hospital earlier last year, and nothing happened (thankfully!). Thanks for stopping by.