Show Report: Columbia Festival of the Arts 2015

Our first show of the season has come and gone, and it was a fairly good one.  This was our 4th consecutive year, and I was honored to have one of my "Leaf Dance" pieces included in the pre-show publicity, which was very cool (thanks, Maria Satyshur!). 

I always create something new each year, and this year's addition to my collection was my alcohol ink paintings, cards, and pendants.  They were received very well, and people seemed fascinated by the processes I use to create them.  I often forget that what I take for granted in terms of art supplies and techniques can be extremely interesting to people who aren't familiar with them.  Happily, there are many women, as well as a young man of about 8 years old, who are now proud owners of my art-to-wear alcohol ink pendants.  The young man insisted to his parents that he wanted it, despite their assurances that he would "probably see something else here that you'll want more".  Clearly, he didn't, and I congratulated him on getting what he said he wanted.  

Also new this year are my 4'x 6"x3" wall hangings.  Stan custom made the three box panels from MDF.  I love this new size; it allows me to either paint directly upon the surface, or add another MDF panel onto the box.  I chose the theme of "Duara," the Swahili word for circle for each, and created them as separate entities (unlike "Three Part Harmony," the commissioned piece of similar size and shape).  I'm pleased that "Duara, Copper and Ultramarine" (see right) has found a new home, with a Wellesley classmate who lives in Maryland.  We reconnected on Facebook, and she came to the show, and fell in love with the piece.  Thanks, so much, Leigh and J.P.! 

Here are some late afternoon booth shots from the show, with the two other Duaras; on the outside front panel of the booth, and on the left wall.

Next up:  our 11th appearance at Festival for the Eno, on July 4th weekend.  Stay tuned.