What's The Story?

Recently, a reviewer of my blog suggested that I tell more stories about myself and my work, as a way to better engage my readers.  I took awhile to think about that, and decided it was worth a try. So, here goes:

Once upon a time,
It was a dark and stormy night,

When I last left my story, I had just done Festival for the Eno for the 10th time.  Between then and now, I've made more art, gained some new collectors, and more opportunities have arisen to exhibit and sell my work.  As Artventuring readers know, I am involved in several art-related activities, sometimes all at once.  This confluence of events and responsibilities often results in something getting left by the wayside.  My blog has been one of the things languishing there (and just where is "the wayside"?)  The "Strange English Idiom" site describes it this way:

A ‘wayside’ is the part of the road which we do not use. It is the ‘edge’ of the road. If something is ‘left by the wayside’ it is forgotten about, or discarded.

If something or somebody is left by the wayside, they have been forgotten forever – it s not a good thing to happen. We also use this expression in English to express that somebody or something has failed.

Hmmm, has my blog been forgotten forever?  No.  Failed?  I suppose it has, in a way.  My initial aim in having a blog was to share my artistic journey, and the people and places I encountered along the way.  I've done that here.  Recently though, I've done it more consistently on Facebook, since it's a more immediate way to connect directly with friends, readers and potential collectors.  We're all used to getting our information from the quick sound bite, the brief headline, the Tweet (though I'm a holdout there; no tweeting for me!), so reading a blog post takes more time and effort. 

But sometimes, you need or want to do more than just skim the surface, and that's what I'm going to commit to here.  So, my story today is about recommitment; to posting more often about what's important to me and my artistic journey.  Yes, I'll still show you what I'm working on; yes, I'll still talk about upcoming events, and places you can see my creations; but I'll also pull back the curtain a bit on the stories behind what you see. 

I hope you'll be interested in learning about the magic behind these lovely red drapes.  If so, read on, and thank you for your comments, questions and suggestions--I do appreciate them.


Penny A said…
Brava! Here's to re-commitment, perseverance, returning from the wayside, and more stories! I look forward to more Artventuring :)