It's over. It's just beginning...

It's Over
Our 2014 show season is over; our last outing was the African American Cultural Festival in Raleigh (AACF).  I serve as the Art Program Director for the festival, which means I not only show and sell my own work there, but I'm also responsible for recruiting artists and merchandise vendors; managing the processes of application, jurying, acceptance; and acting as liaison with show management during the festival itself.  As you might imagine, it's exhausting but fun at the same time.  This year's festival welcomed 40,000 people over the two days, and was a great success. 

Kindred Spirit Studios
Art-to-Wear Glass Pendants
$20 each
It's Just Beginning, Part 1:  Back in the Jewelry Business?!
Longtime Artventuring readers may recall that I designed porcelain jewelry many years ago, which was my very first foray into an art-related business.  I've loved cool necklaces since way back
when pop beads (remember those?!) and candy necklaces were the height of a 7-year-old's fashion sense (although I didn't particularly like the candy). I enjoyed jewelry design, but always knew my first love was painting. 
1960s era pop beads
Recently, though, an idea for art-to-wear pendants occurred to me after seeing a demo at a Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild meeting, presented by Iris Musslewhite.  It was fun for me to get back into jewelry mode for a bit, including researching suppliers of glass, findings and display items (A&B Fixtures in Raleigh is a gold mine!).  And, while I won't veer off permanently and irrevocably into jewelry land, I was surprised and pleased to see how well the pendants were received at the AACF. As you'll see, some are abstract (colorful alcohol inks on Yupo paper), and others contain reproductions of my larger wall hangings.

Just Beginning, Part 2:  stay tuned. (here's a hint: November will be a VERY busy month!)