Wow, that's a HUGE stamp!

The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC is one of my favorite places to find offbeat, but just the right thing to use as an art supply; you never know what you'll discover from one visit to the next.  On a recent trip, with my friend and fellow mixed media artist extraordinaire Sharon DiGiulio, we came across some scrap pieces of Lucite.  There were many to choose from, covered with protective paper, in different sizes and shapes.  Immediately, I thought:  wow, wouldn't it be great to use them to make large foam stamps? So, I scooped up some pieces of various sizes, and  experimented. 
I'd never created one of this size (4"x 10.5"), but figured it was just one of my usual 2"x2" Lucite squares, all grown up...and voilĂ , they do make great, large stamps.
Here's how they came out:

Second stamp, in progress, using
white "fun foam" and UHU glue
to adhere to the Lucite.
First stamp, after inking.  Colorbox Chalk Ink
in "blackbird" worked perfectly.

The completed wall hanging.
Note that I used the stamp to texture the clay
pieces as well as for the inked borders.
Pretty cool, right?!


Sharon DiGiulio said…
Now that is gorgeous Michelle! Great job!