Workshop: Paper Marbling with Michelle

Here I am at Jerry's, in 2012,
holding a student's marbled paper
On Saturday, April 5th, from noon to 3pm, I'll be teaching a workshop at Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh.  It's Paper Marbling with Michelle, where I demonstrate different techniques of paper marbling, then let the students loose to try them on their own.  I've taught this workshop before, and the results are always beautiful and varied.  I'm always interested in how the students will use their papers.  Many are avid scrap bookers and journal artists, who use them as backgrounds; some are book makers, who use them as they were first intended, many centuries ago as endpapers.  Still others are mixed media artists, and well, you never know where a mixed media artist will use lovely bits of paper! 

If you're in the area, and want an afternoon of creative play, visit the Jerry's website, and register.  You'll need to bring mixed media paper of your choice, acrylic paints, oil paints, and Turpenoid.  I'll supply the rest of what we'll need to make gorgeous, lusciously colored papers.  Oh, and bring an apron and latex's a messy process!  But, as I often say:  if you're not getting messy, you're probably not having fun!

'Hope to see you next weekend.