Invitational 2014 Opening

The opening reception for the Delta Arts Center "Invitational 2014" exhibit was last night.  Here are some shots from the event.  We had a good time, and it was great to see the other work selected for the show.  Our friends, Val Boston and Kay Nicolls, who proclaim themselves my "Art Groupies" were there too, so it was even more fun. 

There were approximately 40 pieces in the show, and my work was among the very few mixed media entries.  The reception was very well-attended, so it was difficult to get a good photograph of the entire exhibit. I received many positive comments, handed out some business cards, and met local NBC-TV anchor Wanda Starke, who complimented me on my work, and enjoyed hearing about my teaching experiences with the "Mini Monets," my 18- to 30-month old students. 

I was asked if I coordinated my outfit with my work.
Of course I did! 

Striking a pose, with Stan

"Invitational 2014" runs through April 28th, so if you're in the Winston-Salem area, please stop by, and vote for my work as your favorite!  Thanks. 

Here I am, answering questions about my
techniques...I felt like I was in my booth
at an outdoor show.  I even took Tribal Vibe off
the wall at one point!


Penny A said…
Brava! Congratulations on your selection for the show and the great opening! I love that your hand is a blur in the photo of you discussing your work :) Your pieces are beautiful, and you are never more so than when you have the chance to relate its story. Onward & upward, my friend!
Michelle said…
Thanks, Penny! It was a funny moment, just before I took Tribal Vibe off the wall, to let the woman in red feel the weight of the bamboo bowl. I had a brief moment of terror: "This is a gallery, and I shouldn't touch the art," then I remembered: It's MY art! LOL