Be careful what you wish for...

Just when I thought I'd figured out how to juggle all of my various pursuits and responsibilities, the Universe threw yet another time! 

During my hectic summer and fall, I often wished for some time to just breathe, reassess, and create at a slower pace.  And guess what?  I've got just that, right now.  My kids' art classes have been reduced from 6 per week to 3 (due to no or low enrollment), my next artist residency won't start again for 2-3 weeks, and my next show, exhibition, or workshop events aren't until April or beyond. 

So, I got what I wished for. 

Am I happy about it? 

Of course not! 

Have I been using this free time wisely?  Probably not, but I'm still getting used to having it. 

Some recent pursuits:

I've tweaked the blog a bit.  I didn't realize I could change the background image (it used to be an old map of the world, provided by, so I played with an image of an African fabric I've always liked, and learned how to resize and redesign images online, for free as a result.

I've also developed new lessons for my kids' classes.  My favorite is the "Bottle Bird".  Stan and Melanie think I should name it a "Booze Bottle Bird," since it's made from a recycled wine bottle.  Somehow, I think the parents of the 5- to 10-year olds will be less than enthused about that! 

I've been using Pinterest a great deal, especially on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab3, a Christmas gift from my dear husband (thank you, hunny!).  I find it an invaluable resource for inspiration for teaching and in my own work.

Speaking of my own work, I haven't been doing any.  Still stuck in that creative malaise.  I'll snap out of it eventually, and until I do, I know better than to try to force it.  Meanwhile, I'll be pinning and reading, absorbing, planning and organizing (yes, I'm a Virgo, and that's what we do when we're stuck).