Slowly, but surely

As the title suggests, I'm slowly but surely getting back into the creative swing of things.  I have a full schedule of shows to which I'm applying, and while last year's slow sales mean I have inventory, I  still need to create new work. 

Last weekend's time in the studio produced two Talismans, one of which has yet to be titled.  They both feature one of my favorite polymer techniques:  faux raku. My work in this style confuses many viewers who think the polymer elements are raku fired.  I enjoy the process which involves using iron oxide, iridescent powders, acrylic paints, pastels, and patience to get each piece just the way I want it.  You can see some of my 'tools of the trade' above, as I work on the largest element of the finished Talisman at left. 

The one at right is done with the same technique, and combines polymer beads made by Jeanne Rhea with glass beads and a feather.  This one is called "Urafiki, Talisman of Friendship," in honor of Jeanne, who is a fantastic artist, creative inspiration, and dear friend.

Whose work inspires you?  Is it a 'famous' artist?  A friend? 

Have a wildly creative Wednesday.


Swapna said…
Please check my blog for your Versatile Blogger Award.. :)
Michelle said…
Thank you so much, Swapna! I've never received an award for my blog. Thanks for that, and for stopping by.