No Excuses, and a Look Back, part 1

As the title suggests, I'm not going to make excuses for not having posted since the end of August.  In the next few posts, I will take a look back at the time between then and now, to give you a sense of what kept me creatively occupied.

Exhibiting and Selling My Work

Customers admiring work at the 2012 African American
Cultural Festival, in Raleigh
In early September, I participated in Raleigh's African American Cultural Festival; a 2-day, outdoor show I had done last year for the first time.  It was a good, not a great show, and as usual, weather had a role in the results.  I exhibited my 'Naima-biles' for the first time, and though they looked great hanging from the tent supports above our heads (see photo), they didn't generate sales.  Disappointing, yes, but since I love them, I've given some as gifts, and have five of them hanging in my studio. 

Fumu, Man of Majesty
Najah, Ancestress of Success
Later in the Fall, I made some direct sales to a couple who've since become friends.  It's wonderful when someone "gets" my work.  Then, no overt selling needs to take place; I can just share my experience of creating the pieces, and answer questions without having to worry that I'm being pushy, or giving more information than the potential collector wants.  Two of my Ancestress Series shadow box masks now have a new home.  In the interest of full disclosure, "Fumu" is a male mask (I've made only two males in the series), but I'd always envisioned this male and female existing together in the same space, and now they do.  These collectors have also acquired one of my Talisman series pieces, and they look great in their home (if I say so myself!).
I don't usually do shows in the fall, and last year was no exception.  But, I was still creatively busy.  In my next post, I'll tell you how.
Are you planning a busily creative 2013?  Tell me how!


Penny A said…
Great news on the new collectors/friends :) That's the best kind of customer, isn't it?

I am laying out new bookmaking classes for new venues in 2013 -- and can hardly wait to meet new folks and share my love papery-goodness :)