Recent Creative Pursuits: Painted Paper Collage

acrylic, metallic ink, paper
©2012 Michelle Davis Petelinz
I've had a busy, creative month since my last post! I've been working on my latest project: framed painted paper collages. These were a natural result of my workshops at Jerry's Artarama on hand carved stamps and painted paper collage, as well as my work with the kids at Marbles...producing all of these cool papers which were ready for me to turn them into creative compositions! So, here's a 'sneak peek' at some of my favorites.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for an exciting giveaway, coming next week!

"Wave Motif"
acrylic, paper, metallic ink
©2012 Michelle Davis Petelinz
"Sashay Three"
acrylic, paper, metallic ink
©2012 Michelle Davis Petelinz

"Gingko Motif"
acrylic, paper
©Michelle Davis Petelinz


Ingrid Vient said…
I really like this! I have a bunch of printed papers that I need to do something with so your lovely creations may be the inspiration I need. Thank you for sharing!
Michelle said…
You're so welcome, Ingrid! I certainly know what you mean about needing inspiration. I hope you'll share what you create as a result of being inspired by my work. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out the post coming this's a giveaway!