New Work: The Talisman Series

Just a quick post:  I'm working steadily on my newest wall hangings, which I think I'm going to call the Talisman Series.  Each will evoke my African and Native American ancestry, and combine many of my mixed media techniques, including jewelry design, original hand carved stamps, faux raku, and multi-textured backgrounds. I'm really excited about this new work, and I can tell I'm fully engaged in it:  I'm designing in my mind as I drive, see something which triggers a color or compositional idea, or as I brush my teeth!  Inspiration strikes when it wants to, doesn't it?

This is the first of six wall hangings which will debut next month at ArtPark, in Columbia, MD.
Talisman One ©2012 Michelle Davis Petelinz
acrylic paint, chalk ink, metallic watercolor, oil pastel
on mulberry paper and
medium density fiberboard

Talisman One, detail