It's a May Giveaway!

To celebrate my newest work; my original, hand painted paper collages, I'm doing a May Giveaway of "Jubilee!". 


4"x6" image, in 8"x10" frame
acrylic, paper, metallic ink
©2012 Michelle Davis Petelinz

How to enter:
Just comment on this post, and you're entered.  And, if you recommend Artventuring to a friend, who becomes a follower, you double your chances of winning!  So, tell your friends (who must mention your name in their posted comment). 

Another way to win: 
If you're a Facebook friend of Michelle Davis Petelinz/Kindred Spirit Studios, (which I hope you are!) post a comment there about the giveaway, or anything else on your mind (it's as easy as saying:  "Hey Michelle, I want to win!"), and voilĂ , you're entered.

The drawing will take place on Thursday, May 31st, and the winner will be notified by email and/or Facebook private message. 

Good luck, and thanks so much for spreading the word about my work.  I truly appreciate it!


Penny A said…
I love this piece, AND the new series it comes from! It was a little jarring to see your free-flowing style 'limited' to the confines of a standard matt/frame, but I can see how two or three of these hung together would make quite a statement.

The bright colors and varied shapes of this particular piece seem to tell a tale of Spring and all of her gifts :)

Looking forward to seeing more of your painted/printed papers!
Michelle said…
Thanks, Penny.
You know, it was a bit daunting for me to work so small, but once I realized it was similar to working on the wooden boxes I used to do many moons ago, it was much easier. And, having the 6"x6" Gelli plate papers to use helped too. Thanks for your comments, and congrats on being the first entrant into the May Giveaway! Good luck.