Recent Creative Pursuits: Monoprints

I love turning my designs into stamps. I love the "Zen" of cutting into a new rubber carving block, and I'm also enamored with my new method of creating stamps with "fun" foam.  This month, I'm teaching a stamp-making workshop:  "Hand Carved Stamps with Polymer Clay," at Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh. I'll share techniques for making stamps which can also be used with paper and fabric. Click here to register for the April 18th workshop. 
Today, I've been working with my handcrafted stamps and my Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate (have I mentioned how much I enjoy working with this fantastic invention?! Okay, yes, I guess I have, just a couple of times!) to create the monoprints above. I'm loving the ones which look like African fabrics (they're all papers), and I have great plans; they'll be showing up in projects I'm working on for my upcoming shows this summer.
Back to to come!


Ophelia said…
Beautiful Michelle!!!
Michelle said…
Thanks, Ophelia! And thanks for stopping by.