"Art of the Auction" Preview Party

Here I am, posing with "Radiant Spiral V," my donation to the North Carolina Museum of Art's "Art of the Auction," during the Preview Party last Friday evening. The program, and my name tag are at right. It was another gala NCMA affair, complete with jazz musicians, drinks, and delicious food. 

Many of my fellow artists were there, and it was fun to see people posing with their pieces; the thrill of having our work seen in an art museum evident on our beaming faces.  Although my piece wasn't hung on the wall, it was prominently placed at the entrance to Section 4.  In fact, I was told that people commented favorably on it even before the area was open to the public!  Museum Director Larry Wheeler also complimented me on it, saying he'd admired it earlier in the evening.  There were several pieces I liked very much, including work by my friends Jillian Goldberg, Michael Pendergrass and Connie Pappalardo, as well as a fantastic ceramic bowl by Pat Scull.  All in all, it was a very lovely evening, and I hope my piece will bring in a good amount for the North Carolina Museum of Art Foundation.  The work will be up until the Auction, on Saturday, April 14th.


Penny A said…
It IS lovely, and your beaming countenance only makes it more so! Congratulations on Year 2 in the Auction Show!