Painted Paper Collage Workshop: "We're Having FUN!"

My workshop at Jerry's Artarama was a blast.  Here are my proud students showing off their collages, which were made from papers they created themselves. 

I think one of the signs of a successful workshop is that no one wants to leave because it's so much fun...that was definitely the case today!  Some people even asked if they could come back tomorrow...sorry to say, it was just a one-day class.

Everyone came away with a piece they liked, and the desire to do more on their own.  Thanks to Alison, Elizabeth, Jeanne, Marcia, Marianne, Marie, Megan and Sarah for being great students.  And, as always, thanks to Katie and Sharon at Jerry's for making the workshops such a joy to do. 

Five of the workshop students are teachers of various academic subjects at a charter school of the arts.  I was pleased to hear them say they gained knowledge of techniques and the confidence to use them, to take back to their classrooms to inspire young students' creativity.
As a teacher, I can't ask for more than that.