The Sketchbook: Revealed!

As I posted earlier in the month, I am participating in this year's The Sketchbook Project, presented by the Art House Co-op.  Sixteen of my fellow CMMAG members are doing it too.  Last night was the grand reveal of completed books, and I was proud to be among those whose books were actually finished! 
Before turning it in, I photographed the whole book, and below are some of my favorite spreads. True to my book publishing roots, I included a title page, introduction and acknowledgements page. And, despite the fact that it took me a very long time to decide what to do with this project, I really enjoyed it.  In fact, I think I miss my book already!  My book, along with thousands of others, will travel across the country,  to England and to Australia, beginning in April, then be permanently catalogued and displayed at the Brooklyn Art Library.  How cool is that?  The Guild is considering a roadtrip to see the exhibit when it gets to Atlanta, GA in late August, which would be great fun. I'm definitely glad I did this project; it was another 'out of my comfort zone' endeavor which turned out well.
Thanks to my Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate, I was able to achieve patterns and textures reminiscent of African fabrics...I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  it's a GREAT product!  If you haven't tried it out yet, you should.  But when you do, remember I said it's addictive; you'll want to make monoprints all the time!

So, here are some spreads from "Travel With Me, a Sketchbook by Michelle Davis Petelinz".  Enjoy.


Jackson Dunes said…
Thanks Michelle for sharing your Sketchbook. It's simply gorgeous! I understand your attachment to your book but it must be wonderful to think of all the people who'll find pleasure in it.
Michelle said…
Thanks, Jackson. It was the first time I attempted such a complete book project, and as you can imagine, there are lots of hours of work in it! And, you're right; I do love knowing that many people will be able to see and enjoy it for years to come.
Thanks for stopping by.
Kel said…
looks great
i will check it out when it comes to australia
Michelle said…
Thanks, Kel! I'd love for you to tell me what you think of it when you do see it in person. Thanks for stopping by.