Recent Creative Pursuits: I'm a Fashion Designer?!

Fancy pants, in progress

Fancy outfit:  complete!
No, I haven't actually changed focus, but I have been nudged outside my comfort zone in terms of substrate as a result of another Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild project (funny how the Guild seems to be at the root of most of my non-comfort zone forays, isn't it?!).  Earlier this year, Penny Arrowood and I were invited to a meeting of Arts for Life, which is a local 501-C non-profit organization "dedicated to providing artistic education and emotional well-being to children across the state."  Their staff members and artists provide art programs for children at Duke Children's Hospital.  As we saw a video presentation showing the kids and their work, and listened to stories about the impact these creative art activities have on the critically ill patients, we knew the Guild had to become involved in some way with this effort. 
Of course I had to have
matching fancy earrings!
At the very least, we knew we'd want to join Arts for Life during their annual fundraiser called the "Fancy Pants Dance," where attendees show off their fanciest, and I'm told, most outrageous pants.  There's also a silent auction of donated art items (I've donated a 12-inch bamboo wall hanging from the 'Leaf Dance' series), dinner and information about the great work Arts for Life has done at the hospital during the past year.  So naturally, I had to have fancy pants!  And, of course, not just any pants would do:  I had to paint my own.  I found some at a fantastic local consignment shop called Passage, decided upon a design, and got to work.  Once I finished them though, I realized I needed an equally fancy top to go with, I got a plain, brown long-sleeved shirt, and got to work.  Once I finished it, though, I realized I needed equally fancy earrings to go with the pants and the shirt (is this starting to sound like If You Give a Moose a Muffin?!), so, I made some, out of paper.  Fashion designer I'm not, but it was a fun project to do.  Here are the results...the dance is tonight, so photos of me in my finery, along with my CMMAG pals to come.

We also collaborated with Arts for Life on a wonderful project which will make its debut tonight, and at Art of the Carolinas, but that deserves its own, special post.  Stay tuned.