A Name at Last: The Kindred Visage Series

Kiburi, the Proud, the sixth in the Kindred Visage Series.

Yes, I did finally come up with a name for the series, and the individual mask names followed soon after. I think the Kindred Visage name embodies what I wanted to convey:  masks/visages with common features, and a sense of community or oneness despite differences.

Here is the series thus far, names included:

Dayo, The Joyous

Fanikia, The Prosperous

Gimbya, The Princess

Serwa, The Noble Woman

Macaria, The Seeker

There's a seventh one to come, but not for a bit; my other creative endeavor, that of part time art teacher with the Raleigh Parks and Recreation system will take precedence for awhile.

The Kindred Visage Series was very well received at my last show, the African American Cultural Festival of Raleigh and Wake County.  That's the subject of my next post, so stay tuned!


Penny A said…
WONDERFUL! The name is perfect, and this series continues to amaze -- as do you, dear one!