Show Report: Festival for the Eno, 2011

Booth shot on day two of Eno, 2011
 Very hot weather, large crowds, continuous music, good sales, fun, and did I mention very hot weather?  All of that and more is what we experienced at our eighth annual Festival of the Eno.  We had a great first day, making good sales, and greeting the many people who visited our booth.  Sunday, the second day, was hot and muggy, and was apparently not a day for art; we sold just one $5 magnet.  Undeterred, and since we had to be there anyway, we looked forward to a better day on Monday, the 4th.  Sales picked up, the crowd was in a good mood, and things were great until a thunderstorm arrived and cleared everyone out at about 4:30.  Load out was a soggy mess, but we were happy with the weekend overall.

Left side of booth
Right side of booth
Response to my new clock line was great; I sold half of those I'd brought.  People were curious about how I create my cut paper collage clocks and mirrors, and were amazed when I told them I cut all my shapes with scissors (except for the small, hole punched circles--I'm good, but not that good!).  It's at shows that I remember how much people are interested in the creative process.  What seems normal or even mundane to me about how I work can be fascinating to someone who doesn't know anything about art. 
So, another Eno is in the books, and we look forward to participating in a new show here in Raleigh in September, the African American Cultural Festival.  I've got lots to do before then, and will share the progress as it happens, so stay tuned.

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