Back in the Studio

After what seems like months, I'm back in the studio, creating new work.  This time, I am inspired by glass work I've seen online while searching for a piece for our home.  I've often said that everything inspires me in some way.  Sometimes, I'm not even aware of what the inspiration is until it comes out in my work.  In the glass work I've been seeing, the use of textured glass against smooth and the juxtaposition of colors within abstract pieces has been the jumping-off point for creativity. 

I'm allowing myself to experiment, and to use a variety of techniques within one piece to achieve the look I want.  This isn't as easy as it sounds, and there have been a few wrong turns.  I've almost completed the first in a series, and will show it here as soon as I solve the final 'problem' I see with it.  Until then, here is the work of some of the inspiring glass artists I've been viewing. 

Enjoy, and have a creative week.

Dan Barnes

Rothfuss Designs

Nancy Bonig


Penny A said…
Funny, isn't it, that the things we look at for one purpose can totally inform another set of thought waves!?! (it's rather like learning a new word or phrase, and then encountering it over and over in a short period of time, afterward). If you are seeking inspired glass/metal works, there is a couple who live in the mountains of NC that do AMAZING work (Deana Blanchard and Chuck Young of Selena Glass and Metal) -- she and I were roommates at my second Art & Soul outing. They have loads of photos on their FB page:

SO glad that you are getting back into your creative groove :-)