Visual Delights: New Views of Artventuring

Thanks to Blogger, there are new ways to experience Artventuring, and the other blogs you enjoy.  Thanks to the blog How About Orange, I now know about flipshare, snapshot and mosaic views.  Here's a screen shot of how the snapshot feature looks:
As you can see, it places photos from each blog post into a Polaroid-type frame.  I think it's a pretty cool way to see the individual posts, and an easier way to scroll through the posts.  It's also a good tool for searching blogs, especially for we visual people.

Flipcard is even cooler:  It shows more images per screen, and when you pass your mouse over each, they flip to show the title of the blog post and the number of comments.  A click takes you to the full version of the post. 

I love how Artventuring looks in these views!  If you have a blog on, or follow blogs there, go check out these new features, and read about all of them here

Thanks to Jessica Jones of How About Orange for the tip!  Check out her blog to view her textile designs.

I wonder how this post will look in flipshare and mosaic?  I'm off to go see.



I didn't know about this...thank you so much! I really enjoy your blog because you share your inspiration and process. I loved your kimono. That post made my day.-Marlene Brady