When Was the Last Time....

You played with Play-Doh? 
Or colored with crayons, just because you wanted to?
Or cut shapes out of construction paper, just to see what you could make?
Or made a duck out of a paper plate?

Luckily, for me, the answers to those questions are all 'just the other day,' since I've been teaching art to toddlers and pre-school kids at Sertoma Art Center.  Because I'm free to develop the activities for both age groups (18 months to 30 months) and (ages 3 and 4), I've had a great time doing all of the above.  And, because I think it's really important to instill a love of reading at every age, I pair my art activities with storybooks appropriate for the age level.  It's a fun way of leading in to what we'll create, and we even get to do some animal noises and rhymes.

I love teaching and seeing creativity blossom, even in the youngest students.  I learn something in every class, and I try to see the materials, the process and even the finished product through the eyes of the children.   I'm learning about what they like (getting messy with paint is big fun when you're 3 or 4, but not so much when you're only 18 months old); and what they don't like (getting frustrated because you can't figure something out isn't fun at any age--ain't that the truth?!), and the joy on their faces (and on the faces of the moms and grandpas) when they've made something themselves is wonderful to see. 

Here are examples of the kinds of projects we've done...the kids take theirs home to hang on refrigerators, bedroom walls, or on daddy's office walls, so these are my samples.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my dental issues have subsided, though I think I'll have a sensitivity to cold for awhile yet.  Thankfully, it didn't take the predicted three weeks to heal; just two.  Way too long, in my opinion, but I'm just glad I'm not in constant pain any longer. 

Do something just for creative fun today...you'll be glad you did!


pupton said…
I'm just sayin'...that this looks like fun! Can I join the class? I can act like a 3 year old! Pretty puhleeeese?
Michelle said…
Absolutely, Pat! The more the merrier. Thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous said…
I am an Art Teacher for The Metro Denver Boys and Girls Club. Because of time my students and I, used crayons to complete a huge backdrop for the drama class presentation of Where the Wild Things Are. I haven't used crayon for 50 years, pretty cool.

Jerome L. Vaden
View site at: jlvadenart.com
Michelle said…
That sounds like great fun for you and your students, Jerome! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll visit again.