New Creative Adventures

A Work in Search of a Title
Tech Shop, a membership-based Raleigh workshop full of machines (many of which I had never seen or imagined), ideas and very creative people, hosted a 'Play Day' for the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild yesterday.  We got a tour of the buildings, including the aforementioned machines, participated in a group activity, and got to play with some of the materials they had on hand. 

Here's a sculpture I made, from cast off wood pieces from various member projects.  Suprisingly, since I've never done something like this before, I really enjoyed making this from things other people had discarded. 

It has a whimsical, and sort of tribal feel to it, I think. I had been planning to add color or pattern to it with either markers or paint, but the more I see it, the more I think I should leave it alone.  What do you think?

And, it's a piece in search of a title.  Any suggestions?

One of our guides, Mark Plaga, who works in a variety of media, took a photo of me with my piece, and you can see it here.   Go check out his work on his Flickr pages (there is a lot to see!). 

Thanks to Guild member, Ilona, who suggested this Play Day.  It was a fun time, which opened up a whole new avenue of creative endeavor for me...hmmm, 'wonder where this adventure will lead?


Love, love, LOVE this! Looks like you guys had quite a time -- I hate I missed it :-\

How's this for a title: "Love in a Foreign Tongue" ? It DOES sort of resemble a 'mash up' of the letter forms for Love; and it was a medium that you don't normally work in that "spoke" to you :-?

...just my $0.02