Starting Off with a Bang!

How's this for synchronicity?  Blogosphere friend and self-declared 'Wylde Woman'  Tammy Vitale and I are thinking along the same lines today:  about things which have already come to pass (or soon will) in this New Year.  Her list was 8 Things The New Year Has Already Brought to Me

Here's mine:

1.  My one-woman gallery show:  Elemental Spirit Rhythms will have its opening reception at Raleigh Parks and Recreation's  Sertoma Arts Center in Raleigh on Sunday. Stan and I installed the show on Monday, and it looks great (if I say so myself, which I guess I just did!).  The room is a very large rectangle, and we've hung 24 of my 18-inch bamboo bowl wall hangings around it, on simple brass rods.  Seeing all of them together this way made me proud of the work I've done in this medium over the last three years, and I'm happy to exhibit them (and maybe sell one or two?). 

2.  I will be teaching preschool art at the same Sertoma Arts Center, and at the Brier Creek Community Center beginning next week. I'll be presenting art lessons to children, with and without their parents in both one-time and multi-class programs.  I've combined my love of art with my love of books for children and created classes which begin with a book, and end with artistic creations...gotta love that!

3.  My new, improved Etsy shop is now complete.  I did an overhaul at the end of the year, and I've stocked some newly created cut paper collage mini magnets there.  I'm going to try to be more active on Etsy, since I know you have to promote to get sales.  So, in that spirit, go see my shop, and tell your friends, please!

4.  My search for the perfect engagement calendar for 2011 has finally ended in success.  This is a major issue for me at the start of the year.  I'm admittedly old-school when it comes to keeping my life organized--no Blackberry or iPhone for me!  I must have an art-filled, week-at-a-glance calendar facing me in the studio.  I must.  I spent far too long, both online and in physical searching for just the right one this year.  The choices were slim, but I did finally find one online I know I will love, and it was delivered last night:  the 2011 Henri Matisse Cut-Outs calendar by Taschen.  It has 52 images of his fabulous cut-out works; many of which I've never seen.  Since Matisse's work has long been an inspiration for me, I'm so glad I've found it, and will truly enjoy the year looking at this datebook.  The title translates to 'heart smitten with love,' which is an over-the-top, but somewhat accurate description of how I feel about this calendar.

5.  Because of #4 above, I've gotten the idea for another blog post about my conscious and unconscious relationship with the inspiration of Matisse...more on that later, but here's a tease: 

Henri Matisse
The Eschimo
40.5 x 86 cm.
gouache and cut out paper
Danske Kunst industrimuseet, Copenhagen
Michelle Davis Petelinz
Floral Dancers
3.5 x 2.5 in.
acrylic and cut out paper
Raleigh, NC 

I can't wait to see what the rest of the year will bring.  Stay tuned!


tammy vitale said…
Ha - found you! I'm so more organized than I think I am! but, hmmmm, thought I was subscribed here. Must check that out. Happy New Year - and oh, congrats on that show - it sounds wonderful! (I think I've been to that venue. My longest friend's brother lives in Raleigh and his wife took me somewhere in Raleigh that was a place where artists worked as well as had a space for shows)
tammy vitale said…
I got so excited over your list and finding you I forgot to say: thank you for the shout out!!
Penny A said…
Serendipitous, inDEED! I just 'discovered' Tammy via the Strathmore Online Visual Journal workshop series :-) Loved her list; and love yours, too! So excited about your show -- and mayhap a tad envious of your groovy, cool calendar ;-)
- p
Ophelia said…
Love your blog Michelle, your work is so awesome and so inspiring!!!
Michelle said…
@Tammy: too funny about being more organized than you thought! You may have visited Artspace in downtown Raleigh; that's more of an artists' workspace (they have resident artist studios there) and gallery space in the same building.

@Penny: Tammy and I go "way back". So far back that I can't even remember how I first found her wonderful blog and work. You'd love my calendar--it's even got a fabric cover!

@Ophelia: Ditto! 'Hope we'll get to see each other more this year.