Happy 1. 1. 11!

Thoughts on 1.1.11:

It's a day of beginnings: 
The first day of the New Year.
The first day of the new decade.
The first day of the rest of our lives (okay, every day is that, but it seemed appropriate to add).

Tradition has it that on New Year's Day, we make resolutions about what we want to do, or have, or be in the coming 365 days. 
Some write them down, some discuss them with others, some just make them in their heads. 
Some don't make them at all.

Often, New Year's Day resolutions are broken before the month of January is finished. 

Those who don't make resolutions don't have to worry about breaking them.

So, I resolve to not make any resolutions except for one:  to be more myself in 2011, whatever that means.  I'll still be doing it on 1/31/11, on 12/31/11, and beyond.

I wish you a year filled with creativity, prosperity, fun and good health...and oh yes:  ART!


Kyra said…
Happy New Year to you as well - and best of all creative endeavors!

I hope to complete a quilt this year.

Michelle said…
Thanks, Kyra! Good luck with your quilt--I know it will be beautiful.
Penny A said…
I'm with YOU! Sadly, most 'resolutions' are just inflated, unrealistic goals... I am loving the notion of being more 'here' - being more of me, and less of what my fevered brain thinks I 'should' be. Wishing you smooth roads, interesting side paths, and naught but wonderful discoveries as we embark on this vast, wide-open New Year!