Elemental Spirit Rhythms, The Video

There are just three days left to see my first one-woman exhibit, "Elemental Spirit Rhythms" at the Sertoma Arts Center in Raleigh.  In case you can't make it, here is a short video, shot by my son Jordan at the opening reception earlier this month.



Penny A said…
I do hate that I didn't get to see these hanging all together! Jordan did a great job on the 'video review' -- and the background music had me expecting to see Bill Cosby pop out of hiding in a colorful sweater ;-) I hope that this show has netted more fans of your beautiful, colorful works!
Michelle said…
Thanks, Penny! Bill Cosby, eh? No such luck, but it would've been funny, for sure. We're breaking down the show today, and it'll be a little sad to see the bare walls, but I'll be happy to have them back on our own walls, which have been looking extremely empty for over a month.